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What do you need to own a boat ?

The yachting is a more and more popular activity, whose enthusiasts are always more. That is why the boats sales have literally boomed these last years: indeed more and more people decide to buy a boat to be able to have a sea trip whenever they want. But you cannot become an expert sailor from one day to the next: indeed you have to respect some elementary safety rules. You also have to be sure of being able to afford the boat you want to buy. Thanks to our advice, you will be allowed to make your dream come true in the most serene way.


Before buying a boat, be sure of owning the appropriate license: indeed some boats do not require it, but some others requires a special license to be driven. You also have to know that you should have some navigation lessons: you will learn to drive a but, to fix the most common failures which could happen to sea. You will also learn to use a navigation system.

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If you intend to buy a boat, it is absolutely essential to take out an insurance to cover the potential damages in case of accident: indeed nobody is away from a motor breakdown or a small fire out at sea, or a collision coming back to the harbour as well. In case of mishap, your insurance will compensate you of up to the damages.


You intend to buy a boat but you are scared about taking the plunge? You would like to know what to expect before making the leap? We offer you to make an online simulation on our website: you just have to pick the boat you like, and the harbour where you want to moor. Then you just have to choose the insurance package you need, and choose you way of financing. Then we give you a detailed quote, to provide you the most concrete idea of your project.

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